Watauga Road History

skating rinkBishop Kenneth B. Spear's vision from God was to "go" northward, reach the multitudes of people and share the good news of Jesus Christ. After much prayer and leading by the Holy Spirit, a location for worship was secured thru owner Jim Austin at the Rollerworld skating rink located at 5817 Denton Highway in Haltom City, Texas. On a Monday in December 2005, this unconventional location was transformed for worship from a blustering skating rink into an anointed and blessed sanctuary for our first Monday Night Bible Study. Subsequently on Easter April 16, 2006, the first Sunday morning worship service was held.

First Saint John North was the fruition of Bishop Spear's vision. During the next three years the FSJ north campus has seen an emergence of worshippers who have been committed to Bishop Spear's vision. From the setup and breakdown crews who dedicated their time and service to prepare and transform the skating rink for worship, to those who served on the various ministries, to those who gave of their time and were always in place, the commitment to "the vision" never wavered. As a result of perseverance and continual prayer, the congregation at FSJ north continued to grow. (Photo Gallery)

On Monday, December 15, 2008, the Lord's greatness was revealed when FSJ congregation fellowshipped in a prayer and anointing service in its permanent location at 5825 Watauga Road. The following is a chronicle of the order of worship for that historic night:
1st service
- Remarks and opening prayer by Bishop Spears

- Elder Michael Taylor led the congregation in song, "I Love to Praise His Holy Name"

- Bishop read II Chronicles 7 then led the congregation in prayer.

- After prayer, Bishop Spears instructed that each room and all of the door posts in the entire building be prayed over and anointed with oil. He then opened up the service for members to pray and read scripture. While the rest of the sanctuary was being anointed and prayed over, the following members offered up prayers, scriptures and a few comments for the rest of the congregation:

Deacon Hank Robinson
Elder Michael Taylor
Elder Michael McGhee
Minister Adrienne Woods
Deacon Joe Scott
Minister Martin White
Deacon Roland Johnson
Sister Shirley Johnson

- Finally, Bishop Spears instructed everyone to join hands in a circle around the sanctuary, at that time the congregation partook in corporate prayer, which is when each member prays aloud in their own way.

- Afterwards an informal meeting was held to discuss moving and other logistical details in order to have worship services.

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