bishop spears


Men - To introduce men to Jesus Christ, develop godly character, establish a deeper relationship with Christ and other men, and equip men to serve as the Holy Spirit leads.

Women - To live as a woman with God's high calling on her life by allowing our minds, hearts and bodies, to complement our high calling in Christ.

Couples - To educate, equip and encourage married couples to fulfill the joint calling from God to service. Couples that are engaged or dating are strongly encouraged to attend.

Youth - To empower children, youth, and young adults with biblical principles and character to make today's children into tomorrow's leaders.

Singles - While it is easy to think of never-married people as young adults, you'll find single adults in every age group. Being a single adult is not a problem to be solved, but rather a unique opportunity to grow in faith and serve freely.

Christian Education - The mission of Christian Education is to train and equip members in the knowledge and understanding of God's word.

Welcome - Comprised of several ministries that deal with the interaction of members and visitors.

Evangelism - Consists of several ministries that deal with spreading the word of God.

Music and Arts - To give praise and adoration to God through word and song.

Media Ministry - The ministry that advances Christian discipleship through the use of technology.

Riders for Christ - This is not an exclusive club, but a fellowship among Christians who happen to share a love for Jesus and riding motorcycles. All riders, all types of motorcycles are welcomed.