Riders for Christ



FSJ Riders for Christ Motorcycle Ministry is for men and women who love to ride motorcycles. Motorcycle riding is one of America's greatest pastimes with a huge degree of participation nationwide. People ride motorcycles for different reasons. Some do it for the thrill; others ride because it offers an enormous stress relief and a sense of freedom.

What could be better than fellowship with other Christians who enjoy having fun and seeing the area around us, out in the open from behind the handlebars? If you have family, friends or neighbors who ride and don't yet know Jesus, this could be a great door opener to have that conversation with them. Invite them along for some rides and let them see that being a biker doesn't mean that they can't be a Christian too. This is not an exclusive club, but rather a fellowship among Christians who happen to share a love for Jesus and riding motorcycles. All riders, all types of motorcycles are welcomed.

If you are interested, please contact the church office at 817-534-0581.