The Church's Finest Hour - Experiance a Greater Outpouring



Do you long to experience a deeper relationship with the Lord? Do you desire to be used by God in a greater way? In this ground breaking premiere release, Bishop Kenneth B. Spears candidly shares his own journey of discovery, heartbreak and restoration to demonstrate how the church is now experiencing a "fine hour". As you read his powerful testimony you will also learn what the bible says about God's greater outpouring and how it is freely yours in Christ. In this honest and insightful book you will learn:


. How to draw closer to Jesus and hear his voice clearly bishop

. How to move beyond loss, failure and grief

. How to overcome old destructive mindsets

. How to embrace change and move forward in your destiny

. How God processes you to bring you into your next level in his kingdom

. How to overcome the enemy and experience victory in your Christian walk

. How to relate properly with other believers in your church and the body of Christ

. How your church can seek God in a season of prayer and come out with new purpose and power

. Five principles you need to experience The Church's Finest Hour


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